To Be Frank

A miracle can transform lives but can it change the past?
Synopsis ~ a drama Living on the razor’s edge of Calcutta’s underworld, drug dealer Frank falls in love with local prostitute, Lucy, and convinces her to run away with him. But when her pimp, Sanjay, discovers their plan he tries to disfigure Lucy with acid. Frank aborts the attack and stabs Sanjay, leaving him for dead as he and Lucy flee the city for Mumbai. For a time they live the high life as Lucy entertains rich businessmen and Frank runs drugs globally for the Mumbai mafia. But soon Frank becomes a victim of the drugs he transports and Lucy kicks him out. Devastated and homeless, one night Frank meets a local preacher who tries to help him understand a better life is possible. Frank angrily rejects the preacher but wakes up the next morning miraculously free of his need for drugs. After Frank convinces Lucy to give up her old life, they set up a mission helping victims of trafficking and prisoners in local jails. But having survived his wounds and hearing of Frank and Lucy’s new life in Mumbai, Sanjay tracks them down and sets fire to their mission. Lucy and a number of others are badly burned. Frank is adamant he will finish Sanjay but tortured by the conflict of his past and the hope for those he seeks to help, Frank is forced to choose his destiny.
  • PROJECT STATUS: Development/Full script available
  • PRODUCERS: Nick O’Hagan, James Youngs, (HIGH RISE, QUARTET, YOUNG ADAM), BarbaraWorth, Claudine Aegerter, Philippe Munoz
  • WRITTEN BY: Barbara Worth (KING OF BLISS)