The King Of Bliss

Looking for love? It’s never too late!
Synopsis – a romantic comedy Arthur is an eccentric 72-year-old retired London bus conductor. He is a free spirit. He loves life. He dyes his hair two colours. He tap dances. He’s a dab hand with a glitter gun but the one thing missing from his ideal existence is a wife. One night he wins big time at bingo and while buying drinks for everyone at his local pub, he meets Shaney, a young crack head and bang – he falls in love. She’s the one. On a bet, Shaney seduces Arthur. The following night her boyfriend burgles and demolishes Arthur’s flat, stealing his bingo win. Arthur is falsely accused of destroying property and assaulting the upstairs neighbour. The Court finds him mentally incompetent and orders him into an old people’s home. To Arthur this is death but true to his free spirit he decides to deal with his fate in a most original way.
  • PROJECT STATUS: Development/Award-winning script available
  • PRODUCERS: Nick O’Hagan, James Youngs, (DOM HEMINGWAY, QUARTET, YOUNG ADAM), BarbaraWorth, Claudine Aegerter, Philippe Munoz
  • WRITTEN BY: Barbara Worth