Cannibal Chicken Eaters

Synopsis ~ A feature length rom com zombie movie in 3D! Cannibal mayhem is about to hit the streets: social meltdown, martial law, anarchy! GUY and EMMA are sitting in fast food joint, Uncle Tommy’s Chicken Hut. Emma tucks into her burger and wings; she likes chicken. Guy watches in disgust. He hates chicken. Their relationship has definite problems. Meanwhile, out of a pure and unadulterated lust for profits, the Broiler Chicken Factory manageress, KIM, and Chicken Development Scientist, GORMAN, are about to infect the chicken-eating populace with a new chicken product containing added ingredients that carry a few side effects; like madness, hysteria and rabid cannibal aggression...Guy and Emma are running for their lives. They’re rescued by lorry driver, BULLY, and hole-up in the Broiler Chicken Factory with Kim and Gorman and the poor, unfortunate factory worker, KEITH. The factory is a hell overrun with cannibals. Worse still, Emma and Guy are having relationship problems. Gorman meanwhile, has found his way back to his product source. He begins a hideous metamorphosis. Can Guy and Emma escape the chicken factory? What are they escaping to? Has the world gone mad? Was it ever sane? Will Guy and Emma survive long enough to patch things up? Does anyone care? What’s that over there? Where? Over there, next to the Jesus painting...Who can possible say anything about anything? Only one thing is certain...YOU’LL NEVER EAT CHICKEN AGAIN!  
  • Project Status:            Development/Full script available
  • Executive Producers: Nick O’Hagan, James Youngs (HIGH RISE, QUARTET, YOUNG ADAM, WILDE)
  • Producers:                   Barbara Worth, Edward Tull, Claudine Aegerter, Philippe Munoz
  • Writer:                       Edward Tull